Sandpoint Skirmishes (RotRL)

The Festival. pt 2

Another wave of goblins rushed in and the fight was renewed. As villagers rushed past, Lindsay pick pocketed two of them in a display of terrible morals. During the fight the local priest gathered all the children and rushed them off to safety in the surrounding houses. A goblin commando rushed Gabriel and brought him down to 2hp. In retaliation he used a cantrip Daze…and succeeded spectacularly. The goblin failed his will save with 3x ’1’s. Gabriel convinced him to retreat and take the other goblins with him.
During mop up a local, Aldern Foxglove, was found cowering behind a barrel and offered lodging for the parties help.

The Festival. pt 1

Welcome to Sandpoint! Nobody knows each other and we all have different reasons for being here. We all seem to meet up in the same tavern and we arrive at different times.
Joshua wants a corner table so he can see everyone.
Eric is playing a VonDarkmoor so I’m pretty sure that’s always going to start with tales of his lineage and their rise to power and subsequent demise.
Lindsay shows up and start cleaning house; and by house I mean pockets. And by cleaning I mean stealing coppers from villagers.
Gabriel finds his way to the bar and climbs his way up (he’s a Gnome) and challenges a patron to a Hagfish slime cocktail. He loses badly and is out the rest of the evening.

The group is hired to be security for the Festival tomorrow.
The next morning the group attend the festival and get ready to be bored. But during the Mayor’s big welcome speech goblins attack and it’s time to get to work.


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